Top 5 best blenders

Sometimes, it really becomes disgusting when after a hefty schedule, when an individual need to devote a great portion of the time in the kitchen. By gone days reminded them of doing work with time-consuming tools .But with the discovery of the smart kitchen tools like blenders things have taken the easiest ways. Now the marble countertops of every kitchen feel complimented to have the latest kitchen accessory. Although it is not new to the kitchen world since long, its emergence has stunned people with its fast and superb performance. Now it is every ones turn to have the latest gadget for them.

Benefits of using the blenders:

  • Saves time: Significantly choosing the correct blender for the kitchen is the most tedious of all the works. This is because need to check the feature and its performance so that it can save the precious time. In fact, an individual could serve guests with quality foods like drinks, beverages, delicious foods, salsa in just a min.


  • Best motors used: Considering the convenience of the user in the backdrop, the cutting edge motors are incorporated. This is just to make sure that the blades and spinners do chop and paste the necessary stuffs as required.


  • Helps to dice, cut and slice: Indeed doing these three steps with the hand is definitely a time killer, when too many invitees are knocking at the door for the night’s dinner. Can’t simply waste time after doing these, but when an individual purchase the blenders, he might get an opportunity to chill down. Only the individual need to cut the vegetables and place that in the container inside the blender and the rest would be done by the blenders itself.


  • Fast smoothies: From children to elders all adore having smoothies on their tables. In fact, adding ice cream and the fruits makes it tastier. Well to taste that taste it is better to prepare that with the help of proper blenders.


  • Saves money: In order to prepare a meal, the individual need to garner different types of modern kitchen equipment’s. But definitely can replace all with the one- stop- kitchen solution that is the blenders. They will do the required things as directed, therefore saves the extra bucks splurged on buying the other kitchen accessories, manual hand blender, food processor.


  • No complication and saves space in the kitchen: Well the best thing about the blenders is that it designed for lame users, no high end modules have been indulged. At the same time, it saves the space inside the kitchen now homemakers can easily save her countertop from getting messy.

Which one to choose for the home?

Here have listed top- tier 5 blenders which are distinctly featured from each other. Go through the lists to know which one is better and which one to have for home.

  • Hamilton beach 51101B single serve blender: This single serve blender is just the perfect match for them who commutes very often. In fact, it is simply designed so that the user can use it in a hassle free -way while on the go. In fact, it performs superb while used for making delicious icy cocktails and chilled smoothies. The best thing about it is the cool looking design which makes it get a slim look because the holders are convenient size and shape. In fact, it is quite light weight and small so undoubtedly it becomes the perfect one for smaller apartments as it does not kill the space of the room. Moreover, it does not break the homely silence with its unbearable irritating noise. Coming to the price that is bearably reasonable in addition to this, will get wide array of colour option as well.


  • Ninja NJ600: Till date the heavy duty blenders have earned to be the popular among every household. It gives outstanding performance from crushing nuts to making smoothies. The user need to get tensed with its cleaning process as it is quite simple and easy to do. Most importantly the individual can use dishwasher to clean it. Counting on its capacity it is incredibly fast and time saving. Appearance is just eye stunning as it cats a professional look having a touch of fine finished colours. Well nothing to say much about its endurance, the top- notch blenders are designed to serve for long years.


  • Breville BBL6005 XL Hemiphere: When a buyer quests for the best high end blenders, then it is ranked the first. Both in terms of functionality and durability it stands out compared to others. One can make anything from breaking ice to making tomato purees. No extra ordinary effort needed as it is extremely simple to operate. Over all, it looks quite robust and definitely is labelled for its durability. The buyer will get in three colours option.


  • Cusinart smart power CPB 300: This one is simply the most desirable one to have in the kitchen. It is quite simple to use as well as can use it in the dishwasher. In addition to this, it blends superbly whether it is for making puree or for crushing ice. Moreover, it is a perfect choice for making wide variety of foods from colada to salsa. No issues with the size although small but perform great. The parts of the blenders are easy to clean. On the top of these, it looks slim and sleek and is design facilitates great portability.


  • Vitamix 5200: Indeed it is wisest choice to have these spectacular versatile blenders on the kitchen top. Definitely it atop the rank in terms of durability. In fact compared to all other blenders this is just one which got the best ratings from the buyers. Not only that it warranty is also given for quite a good number of years. The best thing about this is that one can clean it himself, no need to take any additional help. Over all, it’s perfectly balanced with the counterparts’ .Look wise; it is ultra-stylish and gives a professional industrial look. But need to check the size bit taller, but will get varied colour option.

Conclusion: The above mentioned tells the best 5 blenders, which have eased out the daily chores. In addition to this, have modernized the households and gave a pro look.

Does intermittent fasting work for women?

Can anyone point out an unconscious women not bothered about her figure? Obviously hard to find, in fact, mostly women are too much strict about their diet; they try to remain aloof from too much spicy and sweetening foods. Definitely they always bear a hard-core notion that excessive food might make her put on weight. Now to reduce those extra fleshes from the body she tries hard to be on a diet, but sometimes she overdoes with foods. In those cases, intermittent fasting is just the perfect option for women.

How the fasting does helps women?

  • Aged women: As women begin to cross the door of fifty, obviously they are in the tender age of menopause. Naturally less rate of metabolism makes them to put on weight. Some women are not too much conscious about the fact, while some deliberately wants to look like she was in her twenties. Definitely they can achieve that easily with the help of intermittent fasting. The great thing about the fasting is that it helps them to control the recurrent desire to have something now and then.


  • Fight blood pressure and cholesterol: As soon as the woman enters the list of menopause, she actually experiences a great change in her health. In fact some of them tend to suffer from problems like blood pressure and even cholesterol. These two degrading health factors actually gets reverse with the flowing time. But to control that a person can definitely start intermittent fasting which will help her to reduce these two without the need of consulting doctors.


  • Controls desire to have food: It is often seen that people do feel craving for food, in fact especially women can’t resists them from having spicy foods. But those on intermittent fasting rule will definitely be able to discover new facts about their lives. That is as step into the fasting process the habit of biting snacks gets reduces. But initially people do complain about gastrointestinal disorders. But as time goes on the body adjusts with the changed routine.


  • Works great for obese women: Indeed it is a key factor that intermittent fasting simply works fabulously on over -weight women. The alternate diet and fasting program actually triggers the fat burning process and helps a woman to get a toned and properly shaped body.


  • Helps to memorise: It might sound a bit different, but yes it is true that this form of the fasting helps to improve the memory power, in fact it helps to grasp a lesson much easier than before.


  • Prevents age: Intermittent fasting prevents the working of the oxidative stress which actually plays an important role in enhancing age. In fact, it also prevents the damage to cells additionally it also restricts the calorie count in a body.


  • Restricts ghrelin hormone; If a person feels hungry often then she should know that it because of the appetite hormone called ghrelin. As you are ready to cope with the new fasting techniques just relax because it helps to reduce the hormone in the body. Thus, intermittent fasting enhances the metabolic rate and making the body to respond less to frequent eating.


  • Helps in reducing inflammation; truly this is indeed a miracle as science too accepts that the fasting actually helps to cure inflammation.


  • Reduces stress in cells: Scientific analysis have revealed that women who are choosing the path of this form of fasting feels less stressed. Actually it happens that cells feel quite placid and reposed, most importantly they react to stress very less. Consequently, this also reduces of any kind of perilous disease.


Well the above mentioned works well for those who are actually keen to go for fasting.


For women who should not fast


There certain conditions of Intermittent fasting, which women need to remember prior stepping into the world of fasting.


  • Pregnancy: A woman should say a big no during her pregnancy, because when she expects and conceives she needs to take extra care and have best nutritious foods to support the little one in her womb.


  • Earlier eating problem: For women who have eventually suffered from eating problem previously should definitely refrain from fasting because it might induce serious health problems in her life.


  • Stressed person: If they are too finicky about life and get picnicked often and stress out on small things. Then surely it is better to stay miles away from the fasting. As she starts fasting, her body fails to get the adequate level of nutrients .As a result she feels more stressed out.


  • Insomnia: For women who are prone to not- sleeping -well during the night time again should stay far apart from fasting. This is not the right time to fast; rather she should make the full grocery shopping and try to have as much food as she wants so that she can sleep soundly during the night time.


  • Negatively influence women’s hormone: For women who have already made up their minds to be on intermittent fasting, just pause and think about its impact on the hormones. As everyone know that women actually more number of kisspeptines compared to males at the same time, it misbalances the production of the GNRH hormones. Fasting means that these surely gets affected and therefore causes less production of the kisspeptines and finely reducing the GNRH.


  • Affects the ovulation process: Women should also know that the fasting process also crooks the process of ovulation which is definitely bags a key phase in a woman’s life. Over all , to stimulate the process the production of oestrogen as well as progesterone must be balances, but as soon as the women decides to be on the fasting , she has to know that GNRH is disturbed to function normally and becomes too sensitive to react. Now she might think that fasting for long duration might put her in a health –soup, but the fact is even if she chooses to be on fast for two days also, it might affect her hormones.



The above briefs the ways how intermittent fasting benefits women, but in certain cases they need to stay conscious prior fasting.

What are the health benefits of intermittent fasting?

Flipping through the newspapers, magazines, online portals everywhere there are some special sections dedicated to diet and fasting. Now a day people are highly aware of the term dieting and its associated terms. For the dieters a new way of fasting is intermittent fasting.  It is easy to follow and superb for getting head-turning body. Well dieticians do suggest that one cannot achieve a great body by simply exercising on a daily basis; one has to make embrace this new scientific form of dieting. One has to know that fasting is indeed good for health as it thoroughly helps to reduce weight. But there are some other benefits as well which helps the person to achieve the best.

Advantages of going for intermittent fasting

As people know that fasting is a traditional term has been long practiced in many religions and forms a part of the dogma , even cultures do adopt this as a way of showing devotion to God. But the best fact is that today science has also added voice to the chorus essaying that fasting has oodles of health benefits which are really undeniable.

  • Helps to deduce weight: The most essential benefit of this form of intermittent fasting is that it helps to control the weight. Simply following the diet pattern and taking a complete- no- meal fast for twenty to twenty fours span definitely ensures an extreme calorie burn aided with no extra flabs at the same time, accelerates the metabolic rate of the body.


  • Detoxifies body: Removing the toxins from one’s body is very much important to lead a healthy life. As an individual thrives on eating spicy and oily heavy foods, lumps of toxins shelters in his body. Intermittent fasting minimizes toxic effect from the body and makes the body free of harmful elements.


  • Diminishes Oxidative problems: Everyone is aware that there are oxidative atoms present in the cells, which actually harms the lipids, nucleic acids. In fact, these oxidative elements actually make the person ill and are also responsible for premature ageing as well. But intermittent fasting is the real health saver as in combating the oxidative problems and helps to say goodbye to oxidative stress.


  • Enhances the human growth hormone: Initially people used to comment that fasting is not at all good for heath as it generates various types of problem. But science has proved that it actually helps to enhance the HGH. Fasting a day means gaining about 2000 % of HGH in males while about 1300% in females. Undoubtedly it is best to have the increased HGH in a body as it helps to maintain great heath, at the same time ensure enough fitness. Simultaneously blocks the process of ageing. On the top of all, it helps to burn fat and helps the individual to proceed with the fasting process.
  • Helps to control the appetite: An individual should know that intermittent fasting actually helps to control the hormones which generate the willingness or cravings for food. In fact; it helps to control the level of ghrelin.


  • Controls insulin: A person should know that intermittent fasting actually helps to control the insulin and helps to balance that as required. Definitely people do love to get hold of the fast foods from where they do absorb sugar which helps to boost the body, but when absorbed in great amount it might lead to some other problem as well. Sometimes, it also increases the level of insulin in a body which actually promotes diseases like cancer or heart problem. In addition to this, it helps to destroy the fat which is actually the initiator of various types of fatal diseases.


  • Helps to develop the brain cells: For those who actually seek for the help of intermittent fasting should know that it helps to generate a special type of brain proteins called the brain derived neurotropic factor. This actually helps to produce various chemicals in the brain which stimulates the brain cells at the same time; it also helps to stem cell of the brain to form the fresh neurons. In addition to this, the fasting process helps individuals to be away from diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimer’s .In fact, it has been noted that it helps to increase the BDNF in the brain.


  • Helps in improving the body condition: It is known that intermittent fasting is the process which enhances to convert the glycogen to glucose. Most importantly, as a person wills to go for fasting, readily it helps in the process of burning the fats which stimulates the liver to produce a type of secretion called ketones. Thus, this results in the production of the fatty acids which are later on used by the brain in accomplishing the other tasks. Aside these, it also accentuates the factors like genes which is also indicates a good health.


  • Check on diabetes: For the diabetic patients who actually splurge a huge amount on the medicines but now they can stop with the help of these fasting methods. Along with that it also provides great protection to the heart. Over all, it helps to improve the lifestyle and improves health.


  • Burns fat: Everyone should know that the Sympathetic nervous system actually induces the process of burning fat. Now exercising on a daily basis and continuing with the intermittent fasting actually eases out the process. Now both of these together actually stimulate the Amp kinases and Amp cyclic to segregate the fat into glycogen to generate energy.


  • Detaches from sugar intake: Sometimes people suffering from hypoglycaemia are also advised to be on the fasting track. Definitely people who faces problems like confusion, seizures, eye problem, becomes unconscious are suggested to cut off the sugar from the diet. This is because it tends to create a problem with the blood pressure level.

It is good to be on the intermittent fasting because it assures a healthy body as well as healthy mind. Prior practicing, make sure to start with easy hours to make your body cope with the new lifestyle

Conclusion: These are some of the best benefits of the intermittent fasting. Definitely start to reduce the ailments from life.

What is intermittent fasting?

Expert nutritionist and dieticians do recommend that people should not rely upon crash dieting as it deteriorates the health rather than adding benefits. In fact fasting for longer days refraining from the scrumptious foods definitely becomes a torture for the foodies. But these days one of the popular terms called intermittent fasting has gone viral everywhere. For those who love to crave for hour glass like figure will definitely love to include this term in their life’s schedule. It is actually not about fasting almost every day, but it is an alternate phase between restricted eating and fasting.

Well dietician also recommends this as the alternate day eating or the alternate day fasting. This is because it means that in every twenty four hours a person is going to fast while the very next day for twenty four hours he should thrive on the controlled food. The best thing dietician revealed about this form of dieting is that it assures prolong life –expectancy at the same time, keeps a check on the calorie count as well. Over all, intermittent fasting helps to increase the fat oxidation simultaneously helps to put off weight.

Various forms of intermittent fasting:

  • Fasting for twenty hours: When a person gets too steadfast and adamant to have a toned body no one can stop him from reaching his goal. Well then staying away from food for about twenty hours is not an easy road. In this form of intermittent fasting, the person can have a single meal during the night time. In the meantime, he can bite on some fruits, soups or vegetables but no large meal. Additionally it is beneficial to have the night meal as it helps to reduce calorie and energizes the body to work the entire day. On the other hand, it reposes his body, keeps his hungry nerves cool and boost him to work effervescently. In case after having such large meal, if he still feels the appetite. Then he can console with his sweet tooth or banking on a bit of carbohydrate.


  • Fasting for twenty four hours: Now this is another method of intermittent fasting, here the person need to say a bog no to foods for about twenty four hours. Instead of having great foods, simply stick to beverages and drinks. But need to make sure that the person mentally accepts the fasting and gestures as if he is leading a daily life with a customary eating diet. Nothing has changed and should follow the regular meal –timing. The best thing about this form of dieting is that the person is restricted to any particular food habit or not refrained from having his favorite foods. No need to push too hard, the person should normally start the fasting and should stretch as long as possible .There is no hard and fast rule that he has to stick to the rule, but he should give time so that his body can conform to the fasting process.


  • Fourteen to sixteen hours fasting: This type of intermittent fasting hours is different for both men and women. For women they need to keep the fast for 14 hours while men will keep the fast for 16 hours. It is important that the person should call off sweeteners, calories from the list during the initial phase. The best thing is that this fasting is quite simple and easy, most importantly it does not dramatically change the lifestyle. But the person has to remember to balance the intake of proteins and carbohydrates on the rest of the days followed by proper exercise regime. Now the consumption of other –day –food will depend on the age, person height, weight etc.


  • Longest fast: Well the longest fast intermittent fasting includes about keeping a fast for about thirty six days. Definitely this is quite hefty for an individual. But the expert dieticians and nutritionists actually suggest that it is better to act busily on the fasting days. In fact, the best way to abstain from food is by indulging in more and more work. Over all, the individual has to be high-yielding on those particular days. For those who are mentally and physically willing to enroll names for this fasting process, should know that this has to be done in a seven day routine. But do not confuse yourself because it makes you suffer. Bottom line is that doing this exercise is pretty good as it will help you burn fat.


  • Fasting and dieting the alternative day: For those who are not accustomed to such long hours fasting rule, should cling to this simple and hassle free fasting process nothing to do much only need to have normal food the other day and fasting the alternative day. But one thing should be remembered that need to consume less calorie than the usual intake. Over all, this fasting process aims at reducing the weight. Definitely for serious takers , following it diligently and curtailing about twenty five to thirty five calories from eating will surely benefit as they would see weight loss ranging from two to two and half pounds every week.

Requisites to follow prior initiating the fast

  • Needs to be hydrated: Before kicking the day with the fasting process, make sure to follow gallons of water so that can stay replenished throughout the process.
  • Start on a busy day: While preparing to start the fast, person should make sure to start on a highly busy day because sitting and relaxing might accentuate the yearnings foods.
  • Fast through night: As the person gets ready to get – set- go with the fasting just do hit for overnight fasting as it will make the person cross the eight to nine hours duration easily.
  • Set up the mind: In fact before starting the intermittent fasting process, it is much essential to change the mental disposition. Instead of expressing sadness for the delicacy, the individual should think that it is just a break from every day food habits.

Conclusion: The above lines narrate the definition of the intermittent fasting and its types. People should know about this in detail before introducing this form of dieting to their lives.